Entertainment NOW and the PAST


the median entertainment industry consists of several different industries. Such as film industry, music industry, printed media, and video games.

The industry’s main purpose is to inform and entertain through different communication channels, but how did this all start. Only two decades ago the median entertainment industry when not nearly as flexible as today the newspaper was delivered at the same time every day.

To watch a film, the consumer had to adapt to the exact time that film was broadcasted. And if someone wanted to listen to a special artist, the person had to go to a music store and buy a CD, and then go back home and listen to it. Distributors of this content strived, but that was about to change. A new player to the game called media entertainment.

Why would you go to the store to buy that DVD you’ve wanted for so long, if you could stream it online. At a fraction of its price the issue facing all sectors of the median entertainment industry, and particularly the distributors and producers respectively is maintaining control of content.

can you imagine your life without your cellphone? This portable communication system was evolutionary for the median entertainment industry. Humans could always be in contact with each other, no matter where they are this impact was only strengthened by the introduction of three G technologies in 2001. People could read and share information anytime and anywhere they wanted through their smartphones.

Today the mobile phone has allowed us to watch films, listen to music, or read a newspaper at our convenience. The Internet has allowed consumers to be in control over how they view content. Just an example: Consumers are no longer willing, and often are able to avoid sitting through commercial breaks, while watching a selected program. Consumers demand more control over their media, and are in position to exercise that control.

as more, and more content is accessed online by mobile devices. 3G networks will not be able to provide the speed users will require to stream. 4G long-term evolution LTE technology is often taught as the magic bullet for a brace worldwide. This will address the expected increase in deer traffic on their hace constrain mobile networks, such as smartphones, or tablets.


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